We've been a part of the desert scene for over 150 years.

Lazy C's history dates back to the California Gold Rush--long before Palm Springs went all Hollywood. During the 1860s and 1870s, stagecoach stops were a necessity for travelers making their way across an otherwise rugged and undeveloped desert. Braving the heat and dust of the Coachella Valley in the pursuit of gold and adventure, travelers needed places to stop for supplies, food, and water. The property upon which our ranch sits served as such a stop.

Lazy C was a regular stagecoach stop along the storied Bradshaw Line that enabled people of the time to travel and settle in the west. During that time, Palm Springs was known as Agua Caliente, which means hot water in Spanish. The resort esteem that characterizes Palm Springs today began during the Gold Rush, as tales were told of stunning oasis waters where one could bathe and drink. 

Before western settlers defined the area, the native Cahuilla people were its only inhabitants. Interestingly, their name for Palm Springs was Se-Khi, which meant boiling water. 

Although Lazy C has undergone many a transformation since its time as a stagecoach stop, the original 1920s foundations on all of our cottages has been maintained. The authenticity of our ranch is also evident in the construction of our refreshing swimming pool. Once a natural water hole for hardworking horses, the pool is now a modern delight for guests during hot Palm Springs weather. 

We welcome guests from all over the globe to share the lifestyle of this historic Palm Springs property, where we've preserved far more than just its grounds. We've preserved the spirit of the West, in all of its rugged freedom. Join us in our quiet corner of the mountains, and see what it means to #livelazy.